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We offer great bike services for our customers round the clock.

Unexpected Custom is a prestigious Italian brand in the world of customizing.

These works are all personally designed and made as unique pieces in limited numbers: helmets, tanks, complete motorcycles and accessories.

Our clients receive a final product of high quality craftsmanship, with exclusive and personalized service that will satisfy your desire to participate in the "Myth".

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Helite is the world's leading producer of airbag safety vests and jackets.

Helite has the experience and technical expertise in the field that has enabled advanced security vests with incredibly fast triggering times and reliable protection for riders.

The Airbag products has many times proven to work and can be used on for example motorcycles, quads, mopeds and snowmobiles. Helite gives good protection in competitions sports as bike racing and speedway.

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The Jekill and Hyde Company is the supplier of electronically adjustable exhaust systems.

We produce the highest quality electronically adjustable exhaust systems in the world.

Our systems are 100% street legal and have a European type approval as well as being CARB/EPA and TUV tested. Our products are a result of German engineering and Dutch craftmanship.

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Motus is an after-market brand of motorcycle custom services and founded by a young peer group.

You can enjoy the happiness from the unique customization with our special services.



The experts can tailor your bike for maximum comfort, control, style and confidence so that you can build your one-of-a-kind motorcycle.


Your motorcycle is an extension of you and your riding style. So of course you want to add some custom touches of your own.


After a long-time riding,your motorcycle must be super tired.It's time to get it a all-round massage.


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